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Or how to please most of the people most of the time

Increasing dissatisfaction and lack of conviction in my own teaching methods were the reasons for me to want to attend the PFL for English, that is to say, my own lack of motivation and the resulting lack of enthusiasm in my students. Chancing upon the following remark: "He is not only dull in himself but the cause of dullness in others" Samuel Foote (1720-1777), I was moved more than was my want - a sure sign of its relevance to my situation at the time?

Over the weeks and months the prospect of having to write this study gradually developed from a Damocles sword dangling over my head to being a motifying agent and I have noticed how my interest in my own teaching has increased since I began to research my particular teaching situation. It soon became apparent to me that many and diverse influences contribute to the complexity of a given circumstance and that it would be essential to concentrate on certain aspects rather than to lose myself in details.

Autor/in: Hazel Winter
Durchführende Institution/en: HS
Fach/Fächer: Englisch
Schulstufe/n: 6. Schulstufe

Dateien: Langfassung

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