Methodenvielfalt und Methodengerechtheit steigern die Sprachkompetenz

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Speaking is one of the most important parts of communication and especially for my students who will start jobs in tourism and economy.

They will have to work with people and should be able to communicate in English. The speaking activities are important for my work with the students. I already worked with the same class last year and tried to increase the time of speaking with different methods. To continue the work this year I wanted to try different methods in the three areas: Vocabulary, Grammar and Topics. I also tried to work in methods for all types of learners and social forms.
I took three important topics of our curriculum: “The restaurant”, “Food order – describing dishes” and “Dealing with complaints”.
For these lessons I worked out three different methods for “learning vocabulary”, for “repeating grammar” and also different methods to work on the topics.
For the presentations, the students had to act out role-plays, short individual presentations and group presentations. For one part they had to record instructions on a voice-recorder.

All presentations and role-plays got filmed and were afterwards shown to the students. At the end I asked them to fill in a questionnaire to find out how much they liked or disliked the different parts and how much they could use for themselves and how successful the different methods were for them.
It was quite interesting and a good source for my further work with different methods, some students gave a great and honest feedback which is very helpful for me and for the next classes.
It was a lot of work but it was worth it!

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