Correction Efficiency

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Correction efficiency looks at how a teacher can make his/her correction time more efficient, how one can actually reduce correction time. Different actions have been tried out and evaluated: from designing attractive writing tasks or even differentiated tasks to the role of interesting topics and authentic situations, from time management and keeping strict deadlines to mutual agreements between students and teachers about assessing and finally from proofreading to delegating correction tasks to students (peer correction).

All eight actions are described in recurring circles: writing task – correction time – reflection and reaction. Furthermore an initial memo and a final questionnaire show the results of the project being carried out for almost two school years. Three final interviews give some deeper insight into the method of peer correction and their possibilities of improvement.

Autor/in: Doris Kreiner
Durchführende Institution/en: Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium Bad Leonfelden (416016)
Fach/Fächer: Englisch

Dateien: Langfassung

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